Farewell & Paradise

Once we understand your business, our team works to identify and get an in-depth knowledge of your ideal clientele, studying their needs and profiling their behaviors. Bringing an identified person to become a regular client is not a process that happens overnight. This is why our work consists in planning a journey in stages, a path through which the potential client passes before he arrives at the decision to purchase your product.

We want you to know how we operate outlining the four main phases of the path through which the ideal client passes: Engagement, Interest, Conversion and After-Sales. Each phase is orchestrated together with the others in order to reach the final goal: to convert an ideal customer into a real customer.
We guide the person through the entire purchasing process, then stay in touch with him in the post-sale, with the ultimate aim of creating a lasting relationship with a regular customer.

First phase: Engagement.

We address outsiders with the aim of converting them into potential customers. However, while engaging them, we are sure to address people who have already expressed the need or interest in your product. We lead people who need what you offer to your company, creating advertising campaigns through search engines and Social Networks to convert these "strangers" into real clients.

Second phase: Interest.

In this phase, the engaged person has just become aware of having a need to be resolved, not looking for a solution but searching information, resources and data to better understand how to proceed. Starting from his needs we focus on the person's need and not on the product or service offered. Therefore, we provide an overview of the different methods and approaches available and suggestions regarding all the possible functional solutions to satisfy this need. It is in this moment that our team leads the visitor to have a first contact with your company, making it gravitate within your solutions.

Third phase: Conversion.

At this stage of the journey the person becomes aware of having a need and starts to look for a solution. The interested person begins to evaluate the different possibilities and opportunities that are offered in the market. Visitors who become potential customers actively seek to understand the various solutions, comparing them on the market. Is at this stage that our sales team pays the utmost attention to communication, providing as much information as possible about your product and the solutions you offer, leading the person to come to your company by offering him the experience that responds to his expectations.

Fourth phase: Post Sale.

It is important to remember that a customer who is not satisfied can express his discontent through the social media. These reviews are considered more reliable than your advertising activities and can ruin your company's reputation. Maintaining a post-sales dialogue, allows your customer to better understand how to use your product, with detailed explanations or additional info, as well as the possibility to answer his questions, solving any problems.