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We Explore your competition.

In an ever-expanding market, it is not enough to focus only on customers and product supply, it is necessary to define the landscape in which the company operates in order to identify competition and opportunities.

It is essential to understand that your competitors are trying to achieve the same goals as you. However this does not mean that they are targeting exactly the same potential clientele you are aiming at.

For instance, let's take as an example traditional supermarkets and organic supermarkets. Both operate in the same market sector offering similar products, however the seconds are actually positioned as an eco-friendly and organic company and are aiming to reach a slightly different target than the traditional ones.

By carefully studying the positioning of your competitors we can observe how your product and service is offered on the market. It is crucial to put your company in relation with its main competitors, to identify strengths and weaknesses with respect to the main reference market competitors.

To define your company's positioning, it is of primary importance to compare at least three main features:

  • the quality of the product or service offered as well as its perception of quality by the clients
  • the price at which these products are offered on the market
  • the methods and channels in which the communication is transmitted

Our team will base its strategy on your competitive advantages. At the same time the commercial communication will be structured considering your edge.

To establish a differentiation of your product compared to that offered by the competition is extremely important. Our team will research how your competitors are operating: which target they are trying to acquire and how they are working to achieve it. We will pay particular attention to taking you in a direction that can exalt your strengths and give authority to your business, seizing the opportunities offered by trends and market, and providing an outstanding answer to the demand of your potential clientele.

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