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Performing careful monitoring on your competition allows us to take measures and countermeasures, to promptly improve our actions and to fully understand customer inflows and comments. Our team assists client's companies in data collection processes, extrapolating profiles and criteria to set search engine and social media advertising campaigns.

Competition analysis.

Competition analysis means the process of identifying companies that operate in your reference market, analyzing them in order to determine their positioning.

This process allows us to define the strategy implemented by your major competitors and to constantly monitor the behavior and comments of their customers over the web and social media. You will be always updated on new product launches, new offers and communications that competing companies share on their channels.

Quoting Theodore Levitt: "The new competition is not between what the companies produce, but between what they are able to add to their product".

Advertising monitoring.

We monitor advertising campaigns in real time, day after day. We need this degree of attention in order to obtain performance data that we use to measure over time trends with respect to the set objectives.

The constant analysis of this data allows us to intervene promptly and make improvements to campaigns and customer's experience, enhancing or refining the engagement phase.

Brand Reputation monitoring.

Brand reputation and company credibility have become obligatory parameters to keep under control.

92% of consumers read others reviews before buying a given product or service, and 80% of users consider others reviews as if they were a personal recommendation.
If almost all of your potential customers will read reviews about your business or products before considering contacting you or buying, it's natural that taking care of the company's digital reputation means the possibility of increment actrating new clientele.

We recognize the importance of your reputation, our team will constantly monitor your online presence, staying up to date on your customers' feedbacks and testimonials, engaging them and making sure they provide positive reviews to guide other visitors to choose your business.